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Shipping & Returns


Need some info?

Take a look at our Shipping and Returns Policy below, for an insight into time scales and what to do if theres a problem with your order


Shipping Policy

All of our handmade items are made and quality controlled before each package is sent to ensure it is perfect for each package.  As each item is hand cut, hand/machine sewn and packaged, sizes from product to product may differ slightly due to the custom crafting of this business.  This may mean 2 same size bandanas, may be slightly different in size, but will always fit your measurements or the size guide if measurements are not provided.


As everything is handmade to order, this means all products are worked through in order, and orders are not moved to the front unless 'rush my order' is purchased.  Our processing time currently is stated at the time of order, at the top of the website, and this is subject to change depending on how busy we are, so please always check before ordering. That is the turn around time of your items being made and then we package and ship your items.



We ship internationally, using the UK Royal Mail postal service, tracking is not provided unless you purchase tracked shipping.  As this service is international, we cannot determine where your package is or when exactly it will arrive, as delays in customs and the way international postal services work cannot be predicted or controlled, so please purchase tracked shipping if you want updates as to where your package is.

Should your order get lost or not arrive, we ask you wait up to 30 working days to ensure it hasn't been delayed by customs, should it still not arrive please contact me and we can discuss further, but I am not responsible for lost or missing items nor is it guaranteed that I will replace or refund in such cases, however I may offer shop credit or discounts to reorder depending on the circumstances.

In our experience shipping times have taken a Maximum of: 

USA - Up to 4 weeks

Canada - Up to 4 weeks

UK - Up to 1 week

India - Up to 6 weeks

Phillipenes - 3 Months

Australia - 4 weeks

New Zealand - 4 weeks

Spain - 4 weeks

Italy - 6 weeks

All packages leave the UK within 7 days, or sooner, it then moves onto to different postal service providers.  However this is just the worst case we've experienced and was due to the postal service in that country at the time, on normal occasions it is often much quicker.

Returns or Exchanges 

We do not currently accept returns or exchanges of any kind so please be sure to double check sizes and contact us should you have any questions before you place your order.  In the event of a product breaking or coming apart through normal wear and tear when it is less than 4 weeks old, we will consider replacing.  Please note, satin products are very delicate and can be damaged with playful and everyday use. 


Safety & Care

We are not held responsible for any misuse of any of our products. It is the responsibility of the buyer to determine the proper use of this product, ensure safety and never leave pets unsupervised or allow pets to chew or play with our products, we cannot be held responsible for any injury or fatality for misuse of products.

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