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Reviews & Faq's


Want hear what others have to say? Or have a question?

Here you'll find a range of reviews and customer comments, as well as commonly asked questions that could help answer what youre looking for. If you're question hasn't been answered, feel free to ask below or contact us by email ( or on instagram/facebook @dapperpetattire

  • Product says 'contact to purchase' why won't it let me add the product to basket?
    Hi, This happens when not everything has been filled out. Ensure you've selected your options in the dropdowns, and also ensure you've left the correct information in the boxes. Neck size if you've selected Full neck elastic, Elastic or velcro bandanas, or the collar width if you've selected over the collar or velcro loop. Add to basket should then appear.
  • What size is best for me?
    If you're unsure of sizing, checkout our size guide below the product, or on our size guide page. If you're still unsure, send us a message on instagram or facebook @dapperpetattire or email us at
  • Can you create me something custom sized or design?
    Yes! If the size guide isn't right for you or you want an inbetween size, then we can abolustely do this for you, just contact us on instagram/facebook @dapperpetattire or email
  • Do you create products for the more unusual animals or very small or large animals?
    We have catered for so many animals. From cats, dogs, horses, goats, sheep, chincillas, guniea pigs, bunnies, tortoise, and chicks. Contact us for more info to get something the perfect size for your pet on instagram/facebook @dapperpetattire or email

Reviews... Coming soon

Want to have your review on here? the best way to review is to shout us out on your story or send us a message with your review on instagram/facebook @dapperpetattire or email us your review to

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