Watermelon bow tie

Watermelon bow tie


Watermelon bow tie

Trying to figure out what size you need? Look below

**Please double check sizing before placing your order. If no collar size or neck size is specified then items will be made to suit and fit the below size guide. 


Bow Ties  (Velcro or Full Neck Elastic)


MINI- 2'' long, 1'' high  (Or custom to be smaller when required)

SMALL- 2.5-3.5'' long, 1.5-2'' high

MEDIUM- 4.5'' long, 2.5-3'' high

LARGE- 5.5-6'' long, 3-3.5'' high

Velcro Loop - attaches to a collar or harness

Full neck elastic- Elastic that loops around the whole neck

Over The Collar Bandana (OTC):

Collar slips through the slot, this means it won't fall off but also if your pet grows it will fit on a variety of collars as your pet gets bigger.

Perfect for puppies that will soon outgrow their baby collars!  This option will be made to fit your requirements if specified or made to fit the below size guide.  Please provide the size of the widest part of the collar for this option.

XXS - 4” Inches Long, 4-3.5'' Drop (1" min collar gap)
XS - 6” Inches Long, 4.5-5.5'' Drop (1'' min collar gap)
S - 8” Inches Long,  5-6'' Drop  (1''' min collar gap)
M -  12” Inches Long, 8-9'' Drop  (1.5'' min collar gap)
L - 14'' Inches Long,  10-11'' Drop. (2'' min collar gap)

Velcro Bandana:

Our Velcro bandana is made with 2 velcro strips, providing up to 2'' of adjustment, it is also reversible so can be worn either side.  Perfect for quick release for safety of pets.

Mini - 2.5-3'' Drop, neck size up to 8''

XXS - 3.5'' Drop, Neck size up to 9''

XS - 4.5'' Drop, Neck size up to 11''
S -  5'.5' Drop, Neck size up to 13''
M - 9'' Drop, Neck size up to 17''
L - 11'' Drop, Neck size from 17''

Elastic Bandana:

The Elastic bandana is made exactly to your pets neck size, there is a strip of elastic at the back, the length differs depending on neck size but is usually somewhere between 1-4''.  It will stretch slightly to go over pets head but always make sure you put the pets exact neck size or bigger to ensure its not too tight.

XXS - 3.5'' Drop - made to exact neck size (Max 9'')

XS - 4.5'' Drop  - made to exact neck size (Max 11'')
S -  5'.5' Drop - made to exact neck size (Max 13'')
M - 9'' Drop - made to exact neck size (Max 17'')
L - 11'' Drop - made to exact neck size  (17'' and over)



S - 5.5" Long, 2.5" Widest part, 1-1.5" Collar gap

M - 8" Long, 3" Widest part, 2" Collar gap

L - 10" Long, 3.5" Widest part, 2" Collar gap