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Welcome to Dapper Pet Attire. My Name is Beth, and my venture into this small business started when we brought home our Rhodesian Ridgeback pup in August 2018.  I always wanted a business and to grow something that I could move away from the traditional 9-5, so the timing all aligned and this is what I started and put my passion into.

We started an Instagram for Vinnie for fun and for a digital photo album to look back on how he grows, but it quickly grew to thousands of followers in a short 6 months, and he was modelling and repping for brands. At the time, the hardest thing we found was trying to find brands that understood a large breed and that actually catered to their size, as most 'Large or Extra large' sizes just weren't big enough.  Over time we found brands that did cater for this, but there wasn't many who truly understood.  We also loved dressing him in his satin bow, like James Bond, but when looking around no pet stores or online pet shops sold anything like this!

So with all this in mind and our growing love for the pet community we began Dapper Dog Attire in April 2018, starting with a range of 16 coloured Satin bow ties, with the whole idea being a brand that provided accessories for not only casual wear, but also that work perfectly for those dapper or black tie events, weddings or anything fancy.

Since growing our amazing model team, meeting so many new freinds, and shipping packages all over the world, we now offer a range of products inlacing bow ties, ties, bandanas, scarves, add ons and more!  We also have catered our products for all sorts of animals such as cats, dogs, horses, sheep, goats, chinchillas, guinea pigs, bunnies, chicks, turtles and more! We truly aim to create something that works for any kind of pet, without charging loads for custom sizing.

We pride ourselves on quality, durability and beautifully hand cat, crafted and packaged items, specifically to your pets size and style preference.  With everything being so custom made, sizes do vary slightly from product to product, and this is how you know its been indivudalkly crafted.  This is also why its so important to tell us the relevant information for you pet so we can ensure it fits them perfectly or fits over the largest part of the collar, or we just make to our standard size set out in our guide.

Our products are hand and machine sewn by an actual person, yes there is just me currently who sews everything and takes care of all elements of the shop, and it is true that I do a little happy dance for every order :) We hand cut, sew, hot glue (to ensure shape and style is maintained and make the product more durarble) we then package and post and send off to you.

We truly hope you love the products as much as we do and our customers, and always watch this space to catch any new items or designs we have :) x

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